2020 Farm Inspection School and Underwriting Seminar --- POSTPONED
The mayor of Normal has pushed the city back to phase 3 with 10 people maximum.

Limited to 50 attendees.  Sign up now!   NEW DATES    November 10- November 11

The 2020 Farm Inspection School will be held November 10 and our 2020 Underwriting Seminar will be held November 11 at the Mariott Hotel in Bloomington.  Call the Mariott for reservations.

The room cut-off is OCTOBER 1. "This room rate is guaranteed through October 1, but does not guarantee availability - please secure your room early." 

We are very excited to bring our Farm Inspection School to you this year.  Perfect for new underwriters as well as experienced ones.  Our program will ensure that you will learn something new.  With our back to back seminars, we are offering special discounted rates if you attend each event.

Early Bird Discount online for both days is $250.00 if you sign up by October 1 (Member Rate) $350.00 (Non-member Rate)

Early Bird Discount online for Either Day stand-alone is $185.00 online if you sign up by October 1st(Member rate) $285.00 (Non-member Rate)

Save $25/ per registration online   Our Stand Alone class will offer Multi Attendee discounts if you bring 3 or more from your company - ENTER Multi Early Bird in the discount code if you sign up in time to qualify for the early bird rate.  ENTER Multi Regular in the discount code if you sign up after the early bird rate.   Because we have already discounted the two-day event we can not honor any additional discounts

  Click Here for a printable Registration (COMING SOON) (remember discounts apply if you sign up online)

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Breakfast and registration begins at 8:00 - Education 9:00 - 4:00 both days

Underwriting Seminar 

Tuesday, November 10th

9:10-10:15    Underwriting a Property Risk: (1 Hour Class)

  • This class will go into detail on what a “Risk” actually is and will really make you think about what type of underwriter you are. We will also explore the many different types of underwriting tools available at some cost and some are free. Will also look into identifying a property risk and then decide where risk should be placed (Is it a farm or a home?) Finally, we will learn how to identify what tools are available to protect yourself from the basic perils (Wind, Fire, Lightning, Weight of Ice &Snow and Ice Dams) Cool underwriting tools.

10:15-10:45 Break

10:45-12:00 Roundtables

This will give a chance for everyone to explain and answer questions on topics related to farm & home inspections and other underwriting questions. The farm inspection will also be part of this class

12:00-1:00   Lunch

1:00-2:15     Roof Pictionary:  INTERACTIVE

  • We will go into detail on the different roof styles and roof pitches. We will also cover the many different types of roofing materials and explain why it is so important to have a certain shingle exposure to prevent wind lift of the shingle. Will have some shingle & roof pitch examples for everyone to see

2:15-2:30     Break

2:30-3:45     Solar Panels 101:

  • This class will explain how solar panels are installed on roofs and what is needed to do so. Will also explain the value, age life, and what they can withstand in the way of weather. Will also explain from the eye of the Fire Department on how departments sometimes will not enter a structure if there are solar panels located on a roof due to the excess weight and the roof system not being engineered to withstand the extra load. We will answer questions like “is the power really off when the panel is disconnected or does the panel have stored energy?”

    (Supper is on your own)
    Farm Inspection School 
Wednesday, November 11th  

9:00-9:15      Welcome and introductions and to explain what we are actually going to happen

9:15-10:15     Farm Inspection 101:  

  • Review the different types of farm buildings such as a pole vs frame machine sheds.
  • Review the different grain bin types, cross augers and unloading augers plus show how to quickly estimate the bushel capacity from the outside
  • Look into what kind of building add-ons we could find out on a farm inspection
    • Concrete floor
    • In floor Heat
    • Large Bi-Fold Doors
    • Attached Lean To
    • Insulation & Covering
    • Additional Electrical Systems

10:15 -10:30 Break

10:30-11:30  Farm Risk Review:

  • Review a drone view of the farm risk we will be looking at today, during this time we will point out and special features you should be paying more attention to during your walk around the farm
  • Review how to draw a quick sketch of the farm and what really should be included in your sketch
  • Review the use of free tools that are available to you even before you step foot out on a farm inspection
  • Group assignments are given (Each group will have a starting point and a group leader while on the farm)

11:30-12:30 Lunch

12:30           Load the bus and head to the farm 

1:00-3:30    Onsite Farm Inspection 

  • Group A
  • Group B
  • Group C

3:30-4:00  Quick Group Review with all groups meeting up              

4:00           Load the bus back to the hotel

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To preserve the professional business environment, no one under the age of 14 will be allowed to attend IAMIC functions, unless invited by special events.