Sponsor one of IAMIC's Zoom Meetings where Managers, Staff and Vendors gather to share ideas and have some fun. 

Each week will be sponsored.  Email your logo to [email protected]

On special weeks we will send prizes Sponsored by YOU to our winners!  (This is a 50/50 sponsorship, we send 50% in gift cards to our winners and the other 50% supports our association during this pandemic and all our canceled events).  Read the details on the main page to see how many winners.  IAMIC will purchase the cards and mail them from YOU.  I will also use  your Logo as my backdrop that week. 

Make a donation - if you don't want to sponsor one of the games, you can still support our Association.  Make a donation and I'll use your Logo as my background and announce your support during our weekly call.  

TOGETHER -- We are Gearing up for Great! 

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